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Do you want to learn how nutrition can contribute to reducing the reliance on antibiotics and therapeutic zinc on farms? Download the free information package.

Learn how Neopigg™ Shield works

High quality ingredients for maximum results

There are over ten feed components in Neopigg® Shield. To achieve maximum results high quality ingredients are required as each component’s interaction differs in various combinations. We can support the creation of winning feed solutions.

Good farm management and better production go hand-in-hand

In combination with good farm management, Neopigg® Shield can contribute to healthier piglets and a decrease in the need to use antibiotics and therapeutic zinc. It enables a more sustainable business.

Note: Results are dependent on specific farm hygiene and sanitary conditions.

  • parts per million ** coefficient of variation

Neopigg® Shield Concept: how it works

There are four modes of action which contribute to the success of Neopigg® Shield on the piglet: protein digestion, the mucin effect, immune regulation and intestinal flora. Combined the Shield modes of action can aid a reduced reliance to use of antibiotics and therapeutic zinc and help farmers to Produce.Smarter.

Protein digestion: Neopigg® Shield contains a highly digestible protein. The piglet’s growth potential will be utilized without overloading the hind gut with undigested protein.

See what Neopigg® Shield can do for you:

Mucin effect: maintains the integrity and strengthens the barrier of the intestinal wall post weaning when the gut is most vulnerable.

See what Neopigg® Shield can do for you:

Immune regulation: supports to limit the chance of large inflammation to occur and provides the building blocks for good immune system development.

See what Neopigg® Shield can do for you:

Intestinal flora: stimulates colonization of beneficial microbes in the gut, reducing the chance for pathogens to create disorders.

See what Neopigg® Shield can do for you:

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Download the information package

Neopigg® Shield is a 3-stage feeding concept after weaning for piglets until the weight of 25-30kg. Learn how it can increase gut health in the early life stage with the complete information package.

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