Neopigg® Shield

Neopigg® Shield contributes to maintenance of growth performance while reducing reliance on antibiotics and therapeutic zinc.

What is Neopigg® Shield?

Cargill developed Neopigg® Shield, the most secure and consistent & nutritional portfolio meant to minimize your piglet’s post weaning performance dips following digestive challenges while boosting average daily gain (ADG). This can be done thanks to a well-defined combination of Cargill’s formulation expertise (CNS) and additive selection, which will make your veterinarian become a solution-planner rather than a problem-solver.

Neopigg® Shield contributes to maintaining the piglets growth potential while lowering the reliance on antibiotics and therapeutic ZnO. The solution is designed to create the ideal environment in the pig’s gut for optimal protein digestion, intestinal flora balance, immunity regulation and gut barrier support. Knowledge of these modes of actions combined with high quality ingredients in right ratios can support you to reduce current reliance on antibiotics and therapeutic zinc.

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Neopigg® Shield results*:

Up to:

Reduction in therapeutic zinc levels used

Higher growth (average daily gain)

Improve feed conversion

Reduce group medication of antibiotics

Increase uniformity of piglets at delivery

*Results will differ for reason of farm specifics & practices.

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Neopigg® Shield Concept: how it works

Through strengthening gut health in the early life stage, simply by tailoring the nutritional strategy, including specific and deliberate ingredient selection for application at the right time in the pig's diet per life phase, we can support farmers to maintaining and expand growth performance after weaning. It is due to this wide expertise & knowhow on nutrient selection, diet formulation & application that we, together with your experience and management practices, allow your piglets to demonstrate their best growth performance!

How can you maintain the health and growth of your piglets while reducing reliance on the use of antibiotics and therapeutic zinc through feed or water?

We have wide knowledge and scientific & practical research performed on what happens inside the pigs' body. This knowhow and do-how comes together in our Shield concept.

There are four modes of action which contribute to the success of Neopigg® Shield on the piglet: protein digestion, the mucin effect, immune regulation and intestinal flora. Combined, the Shield modes of action can aid a strategy of reduced reliance to use of antibiotics and therapeutic zinc and help farmers to Produce.Smarter.

Protein digestion:

Neopigg® Shield contains a highly digestible protein. The piglet’s growth potential will be utilized without overloading the hind gut with undigested protein.

Mucin effect:

Maintains the integrity and strengthens the barrier of the intestinal wall post weaning when the gut is most vulnerable.

Immune regulation:

Supports to limit the chance of large inflammation to occur and provides the building blocks for good immune system development.

Intestinal flora:

Stimulates colonization of beneficial microbes in the gut, reducing the chance for pathogens to create disorders.

Neopigg® Shield: Application & benefits

Maintain growth performance whilst reducing reliance on antibiotics and therapeutic zinc post-weaning

Neopigg®'s feed strategy is always aimed at achieving best growth performance (growability) and solid transitions between feeds. Shield's main objective is to provide piglets with a strong foundation for optimal health and growth post weaning. Shield contains high-quality ingredients which are selected to achieve maximum results per stage of the piglet's development. By means of the various feed components and their interactions optimal intestinal health can be achieved. We support you in developing high-quality nutritional solutions.

Application guideline

Lifestage: Neopigg Shield is a feed concept for weaned piglets

Application: The general feeding strategy for Neopigg Shield will differ with each customer and their specific objectives, dependent on country specific- and farm practice. This Neopigg concept encompasses an integrated approach. This is required to properly deploy and start up usage of the feeding concept on farm. The concept includes products and functional ingredients, nutritional consulting & formulation support and on-farm support.

Application of Neopigg Shield sequencing other Neopigg solutions will enable you to obtain best results.

Consult our experts for implementation support.


Enhanced growth post-weaning: higher average daily gain

Higher uniformity at delivery: more equal weights within batch of piglets

Improved feed conversion: between weaning and delivery age

Reduction in group medication of antibiotics

Reduction to 150 ppm or no therapeutic zinc use

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