The impact of liquid feed versus dry feed

Learn more about Neopigg® RescueCare, the complete liquid feed concept for piglets

The impact of liquid feed versus dry feed

Using the Neopigg® RescueCare automated liquid feeding concept can significantly increase the dry matter intake of piglets compared to dry feed intake pre-weaning. In a 2017 trial conducted in the Netherlands on a farm with 800 sows, Neopigg® RescueCare led to a dry matter intake of up to 1.5 kg per piglet, in addition to sow milk - from birth until weaning. In addition, the trial demonstrated piglet growth of 246 g per day from day 1 until weaning at 27 days of age, resulting in a weaning weight of 7.75 kg.

The results at a glance

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Neopigg® RescueCare

The complete liquid feed concept for piglets. Neopigg® RescueCare enables you to meet your piglets feed requirements up to weaning, by specialized, automated equipment that provides fresh liquid feed 24 hours a day.

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Neopigg® RescueCare: benefits versus dry feed

Piglet growth

  • Higher dry matter intake pre-weaning
  • Higher average daily gain from birth till weaning

Piglet livability

  • Increased livability from birth till weaning

Sow efficiency

  • Increased number of piglets weaned per sow
  • Increased number of litters weaned per sow per year

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Today's farmers face multiple challenges in the farrowing room due to increased demand on the sow's productivity. Liquid feed can be an effective way of improving pig nutrition and increasing feed intake.

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Recommended feeding schedules

Suited for sow farms with over 13 live born piglets per litter on average, the Neopigg® RescueCare feeding system can be set up and adjusted to a farm's specific layout and pig nutrition objectives.

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New formula, more growth

Based on your feedback we've improved Neopigg® RescueMilk and Neopigg® Smooth! Learn more by downloading the free brochure.

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