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The importance of understanding how protein plays a part in piglet growth

Learn how protein plays a part in piglet growth

Protein for piglets can cause a dilemma for farmers, on the one hand it stimulates growth, but on the other it can increase the incidence of diarrhea. You can read our blog post 'The farmer's dilemma'. This was a key concern for Cargill researchers when developing a solution to help pig producers reduce reliance on antibiotics and therapeutic zinc.

Neopigg® Shield

Cargill spent over four years developing the Neopigg® Shield concept Shield which contains swine-gut-fermentable protein, a key element in helping pig producers maintain growth with a reduced reliance on therapeutic zinc. Editor of Pig Progress, Vincent ter Beek, visited Cargill's Global Innovation Centre in Velddriel to find out how pig feeding concepts are created and what swine-gut-fermentable protein is. You can read Vincent's article here, the article is only available in English.

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