Neopigg® RescueMilk

Neopigg® RescueMilk is a liquid feed specifically formulated to complement sow’s milk.

What is Neopigg® RescueMilk?

Exclusive formulation matching young piglets’ requirements for energy, amino acids and micronutrients. Besides essential vitamins, RescueMilk contains digestible vegetable protein, Cinergy and an aroma.

Optimal intake levels can be achieved when feeding both Neopigg® Smooth next to or after Neopigg® RescueMilk.

  • Improves livability and growth until weaning.
  • Contributes to the development of newborn piglet’s digestive system.
  • Up to 2.6 kg total average dry matter intake per piglet (*fed 13 consequetive days on decks)
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New formula, improved performance

Gain up to:

9% higher intake.
13% more growth.
6.6% heavier piglets weaned.
7% more uniform piglets.

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Neopigg® RescueMilk

Application & Benefits

Fresh liquid feed 24/7

Application guideline

Lifestage: Neopigg® RescueMilk is provided from 24 hours after birth until 2 weeks of age.

Application: Available 24/7 in fresh liquid form, fed via automated liquid feeding systems, preferably the Neopigg® RescueCare system.
Also suited for manual feeding.

Feeding Instruction:: Use Neopigg® RescueCups as part of the Neopigg® RescueCare system.

Dosing / Mixing instruction: Apply 150 gram product per 1 liter of water at 45˚C.


Quick & solid intake of milk in addition to sow milk.

Product stability: good solubility, easy mixing.

Product reliability: consistency & stability of product’s feed ingredient quality.

Optimal flowability: through automated liquid feeding systems.

Optimal sanitary conditions & feeding practice; Neopigg® RescueCups ensure optimal regulation of fluid levels and prevent backflow of liquid product.

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How does it work?

Fresh liquid feed 24/7

Neopigg® RescueCare

Total liquid feeding concept

  • Developed for pre-weaning piglets
  • Two high-performance liquid feeds - RescueMilk and Smooth
  • Fed alongside the sow's own milk through RescueCare's automated liquid feeding system.
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Neopigg® Smooth

NEW FORMULA liquid pre-starter

  • Seamless follow-up to Neopigg® RescueMilk
  • With plant-based ingredients
  • Can be fed from 2 weeks of age until weaning.
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To hear how our customers experience working with the Neopigg® RescueCare automated feeding concept.

"Over 10 millions piglets are fed with the Neopigg®RescueCare system every year!"

Cargill Young Animal Nutrition
Producer, supplier and innovator of the Neopigg® RescueCare concept

"Neopigg® RescueMilk helps our customers raise more piglets per sow per year with increased uniformity per litter."

Cargill Young Animal Nutrition
the Netherlands, 600 sows

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